Friday, April 30

Fixed It!

And we're back, officially.  :)  Just had to get rid of an old template that was just messing stuff up, no matter how cute it was.  Anyhow, here's a brief update since Thanksgiving. 

Doug is just finishing up his second semester of school and doing awesome!  Last semester he had a 4.0 GPA and was on the President's Honor Roll.  This semester has been a bit more challenging, but he's going to do just fine, with all A's & B's.  As of the end of last semester he switched from a Biology-Secondary Education major to a History-Secondary Education major.  Either way, he'll be a great teacher & coach. 

Katie will be 9 months old on May 3!  She has 6 (!) teeth and weighs around 22 pounds!!  More recently she has started crawling and pulling up.  We've had to put a gate across the entire living room! She also likes to look at her books (yay, says the librarian momma!), play with the kitties, and talk!  She's a great eater, not the least bit picky and wants to try everything! :)  She's the best thing to ever happen to us and we love watching her grow and learn new things.

I love being a momma, but wish I were home with Katie more.  Things at the library aren't going so well these days.  The levy increase on the April 6th ballot did not pass and I'm not sure what kind of changes will be in store.  Who knows, maybe I'll be back in school with Doug one of these days...  I have discovered a new found interest in exercise, mostly due to the fact that I can't really afford to buy new summer clothes and somehow need to be able to fit into the ones from 2 summers ago, so it's exercise time for me.  I'm having pretty good success with this DVD

So that's what we've been up to during this 6 month hiatus.  Glad to be back!

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