Saturday, August 29


Katie's taking a nap, so this seemed like a good time to make a few quick changes to our blog. You'll see we're no longer waiting for July, we're just the Snider Family now. :)

So here's a brief update. Katie is doing great! She regained her birth weight plus 8 ounces and grew 1.25 inches by her 2 week well check. The pediatrician answered all of our nervous, first time parent questions. She's sleeping okay. Mostly during the day and at night, usually just waking up to eat. Only occasionally does she keep Mommy up past a feeding!

Doug started school this semester. After 2 layoffs in one year, he decided it was time to pursue other options and was able to take advantage of the dislocated workers program that pays his tuition. Yay!! He's decided to major in secondary education. He's had his first week of classes and seems to be enjoying them. Katie & I are so proud of him!

I am on maternity leave and that's about it. Taking care of Katie takes up pretty much all my time. Fortunately I've got some great help. :) One of these days, I'll get around to cleaning my house again, but for now I'm happy to just be keeping up with the laundry!

Well, that's it for us. Katie's still snoozing, so I think there is some bottle washing in my immediate future.

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