Sunday, January 4

The 2nd Appointment: 1/2/09

  • 10 weeks, 3 days
  • 3 pounds gained since 12/22/08 (hey, it was Christmas!)
  • my heart rate 92 bpm
  • baby's heart rate 160 bpm (estimated)
  • still no nausea or morning sickness (yay!!!)

My second doctor's appointment went well. I actually got to meet the doctor this time. The first appointment was just with the nurse. I signed a million papers then, it was boring. Doug's been able to go to my appointments so far and that has been great. He may not make it to every single one of them, but he'll get to the important ones. He did miss meeting the doctor. He had to leave to take care of his dad because the doctor was running late. He did get the chance to hear the baby's heartbeat before he left, which was awesome. :) The tech was concerned we might not hear it because it was still a little early, but she found it after a minute or so. It was still too soon for it to register on her monitor, but she estimated that it was 160 bpm (beats per minute) from what we heard. She was really surprised that we were able to hear it at all, which of course makes us feel extra good about everything. I think it means the baby is already very strong and healthy. The rest of the appointment went well, we did some personal things that I just won't get into here. I really liked the doctor and can't wait to go back again.

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Carmen said...

Yay for the great appointment, and I love the new ticker!