Saturday, November 22

Grocery Shopping...Bad Idea!

The next time I try to go grocery shopping on a Saturday night, somebody smack me, okay? That's got to be less painful than Wal-Mart at 5:30. YUCK! Not only was it super busy, but everything was gone and picked over. We're having that problem more and more often there and I'd just like to know when exactly they do stock their shelves??? Apparently it's not when I'm getting ready to shop.

Oh well, at least I'm home now. I wasn't going to shop until tomorrow, but then we decided to have some company tomorrow night for dinner. So now I can concentrate on cleaning the house and cooking tomorrow. Doug is going to go visit his dad in the afternoon. There's a Chiefs game to watch.

That being said, Wal-Mart pretty much wore me out. I think it is time to put on my jammies and go watch some TV. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

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