Thursday, November 20

The Adventures of Hopalong BJ

Poor BJ...last night he decided to jump to the top of our computer armoire. He does this often and usually gets in trouble for it. I know, I know, cats like high places, but I was afraid he was going to get hurt. And guess what? He did. When he jumped down last night, he fell the wrong way on his front paw, I can only imagine. So now he's been hopping around holding his poor little paw up. It doesn't appear to be swollen or anything and aside from the limp he doesn't seem to be in any pain, so we're just going to wait and see if he's feeling okay in a day or two. Seriously though, he can't be feeling too bad, because look where I caught him again this morning!

He's showing off his hurt paw here. Poor baby.
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Carmen said...

Poor BJ! What a pathetic little kitty face he's making in the last picture. Too cute!