Tuesday, September 25

Silly Kitty!

Sorry about the wedding picture interruption, but we thought you would like to see pictures of our new kitty, BJ. He's the craziest little kitten ever, but we love him to pieces! He's into everything! Tonight he decided that the dishwasher looked like a fun place to get into while I was unloading it. So much for clean dishes!++++ (BJ just climbed on the keyboard there) His favorite toys seem to be Momma's feet, anything that makes a crackly noise and boxes! His dislikes are being shut in the bathroom or out of any room and the spray bottle. So without further ado...here's BJ!!

Here he is torturing his big sister. He hasn't quite figured out yet that she outweighs him by about 12 pounds!

Closeup on that adorable face!

In the water bottle box...see he's into everything!

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