Wednesday, September 12

Okay it's official...

I'm nervous. Not about marrying Doug, mind you. I can't wait for that part! No, I'm worried about the wedding. I'm worried about everything getting done (which I shouldn't, I know...thanks, Mom!) I'm worried about the weather, which I have no control over. I'm worried the ceremony won't go right, that I'll trip over my dress or my feet, that my hair will look bad and I'll be stuck with the pictures forever. I'm worried that we'll look silly dancing and that no one will come to the reception or the wedding for that matter. I can't speak for Doug over here, and in most of my blogs I use a "we" perspective, this is all just me. Although, I'm sure he has his own concerns. Also, will someone remind me to eat something in the next few days. I'm sitting here staring at the bagel that I can barely choke down and I realized that I have totally lost my appetite. After yesterday's experience with missing breakfast and not really eating any lunch before work (I had a banana), this is not something I want to repeat. I was very upset and cranky by midafternoon. I took an early dinner break and within the hour I felt a million times better, so I'm pretty sure that's what did it. 3 more days...

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Amy said...

Okay ... Uncle Randy and I don't have any professional pictures from our wedding, a plane flew over during the ceremony and we didn't hear a word being said by my Grandfather during his prayer, my niece refused to finish going down the aisle because she ran out of flowers (I tore off two of my roses and disassembled them quickly), when the roses did arrive early that morning, they were brown and ugly because the nice lady who prepped them for us left them on the porch and they got frost bite ... I worried for days something would go wrong ... it did. BUT ... we are still married all these years later. I've seen you dance ... no one is going to laugh.

Go to the birthday party for Grandpa tonight, enjoy yourself ... tell everyone we're sorry we can't be there.

We'll see you Friday!