Thursday, September 20

New Picture/New Blog

New picture up, courtesy of Lindsey (thank you!). If anyone else has any pictures to send us we'd be happy to see them. It's been a crazy week, but we've had so much fun playing with our new wedding presents and shopping. :)

It was brought to our attention that now that we are married we can no longer have a wedding blog. So, we're going to try just a Doug & Misty blog and see how it goes. Hope you all will keep reading.

We added another member to our family tonight. A new kitten named BJ. Currently he's hiding behind the couch and his big sister Tess, is trying to pretend he's not here. Things should be interesting for the next couple of days. We'll post some pictures as soon as we can take some. :)

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Carmen said...

I'm going to keep reading! Can't wait to see pics of BJ.