Thursday, August 16

Time Flies

Can you believe yesterday was the one month mark until the wedding? I've decided to quit worrying about all the little things that may or may not get done between now and then and it has significantly reduced my stress level. :)

Last night was the trial run for my wedding hair. I decided about 2 weeks ago to go a totally different direction with it. All along I said I'd wear it up and then one day I decided that since I grew my hair out all this time I might as well let everyone see it. So I'm only going to wear my hair part-way up. The good thing is it will be off my face, but it will still look pretty. I'm really happy with how the trial turned out. Whatever she put in my hair to make the curls stay was really good, because they are still in this morning. I brushed it several times last night before bed and I slept on it and there are still curls! So I'm pretty confident that they will last the day of the wedding.

This morning before I go to work we're going to go pick up our rings. We both had to have them sized down a little bit.

We've got a few more things to pick up for the reception, but things are really starting to come together.

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