Wednesday, May 2


The shower went well last weekend. I think mom & I really did a great job pulling everything together at the last minute (we had less than 2 weeks to plan.) Now the focus has shifted back to our wedding in full force. Even Doug says the wedding planning is starting to get to him. Tomorrow, is my day off so I'm planning to call a few more places about cake (we have to make a decision soon, otherwise we'll be baking our own!) and I'm going to visit a flower shop. One of the grandmas' of the kids from my storytime at the library works part-time at one here in town and she said I should stop in and have a look. I'm conflicted over the flowers. I like the idea that the silk flowers will last forever, but the stress of having to do it is what is getting to me. Now, we have plenty of time so I'm sure it could be done, but if I could find them cheap enough and nice enough at a flower shop, I may have to go that direction. We'll see. I'll just go look tomorrow. My problem is that I am easily swayed and I hear an idea and latch onto it quickly. That's why it is always better for someone to go with me. I need a voice of reason.

We had lunch over the weekend with Doug's parents. We've definitely ruled out one place for the rehearsal dinner. We've got a few more ideas though.

We're starting to finalize the guest lists. Mom's ready to order the chairs so we've got to get a number to her soon.

Oh, and not wedding related, Doug finally got a Wii. It is so much fun!! If you want to try it out, I'm sure Doug would be happy to have you over.

Well, time to get ready for work. Have a great day!

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