Saturday, May 5

Owies & Flowers & Chairs...OH MY!!!

As I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, I burnt my wrist on my curling iron. I always end up doing my hair & make-up right before I leave for work and consequently I am always rushed. I was trying to wrap up the cord of the hot iron when I accidentally touched it to my arm. It stayed just a little too long and left a really nasty mark. I ran cold water on it, put on some aloe vera gel and went to work. Luckily we have an aloe plant at work so I was able to keep the aloe on it all day and it was really working. Unfortunately mom & I ran around after work last night and I forgot to apply anything again until about 8:30. By then it had started to blister and then I must have layed on it last night because the blister had popped this morning. Now it really hurts! I hope it doesn't leave a nasty scar, because it will probably show in my wedding pictures.

Mom & I tried to make another practice bouquet last night...we give up! We can do many, many crafty things (especially mom), but doing the wedding flowers is not one of them. Does anyone have any flower shops that you would recommend?

I think we've figured out a rough estimate of chairs that we will need for the ceremony. We'd rather have too many, instead of not enough. Our big concern is what are we going to do if it rains? How will we fit all those people in the house? I don't think our ceremony will last long, so at the very least, no one will be uncomfortable for too awful long.


Aunt Patty said...

Misty, So sorry to hear about the curling iron burn--you are so right, that hurts!!!! Keep putting aloe on it.
My daughter, Andrea and my daughter-in-law, Jenny both made ALL of their wedding bouquets, coursages,etc... In Andrea's wedding, both the Mother's carried long stem silk roses, she wrapped the stem with ribbon & had ribbon hanging off at the end of the stem. We both loved them--in fact i still have mine. It looked great in the pictures too. Both girls have said they would be willing to help you with the flower arrangements or together they could do it. You would need to pick everything & get all the supplies & they can just do it for you. Call me, if you want to talk about it. I will be at thevline all next week.
How many chairs are you renting? Let's say it does rain-- are we going to have the guests stand inside the foyer, on the staircase & just in the close area of where the ceremony will be performed or are you thinking sitting up chairs inside??
By the way, I met your Aunt Loretta today at thevline. She is excited about the wedding being at our house, she says she has always wanted to see it. I think you look like her--do you?
Love Ya!

Misty said...

My mom reserved 75 chairs, but that's our "just to be one the safe side" number, when it gets closer and we have a better idea of how many are going to be at the ceremony we can make the adjustments. I highly doubt we'll have 75 people for the ceremony. We probably won't set them up in the house if it rains, unless you think there will be room. Or maybe we'll set up a few for those people who would be uncomfortable standing during the ceremony.

I'll let you know about the flowers. I'm still going to check a few flower places this week. We won't need too many flowers, so it would be nice if it was one less thing anyone had to do to get ready for the ceremony. Thanks for the offer though, we really appreciate it. And there are still a million things to do if they really want to help. :)