Saturday, May 26

16 WEEKS!!!

That's right, in just 16 weeks it will be our wedding day. How's that for scary??

Sorry, still no pics of Doug's ring. I have absolutely no excuse, because we spent most of our day off together yesterday doing a whole bunch of nothing. I cleaned like a mad woman on Thursday so we could enjoy our day together and we did. We slept late, lingered over our coffee, went out to lunch and then came home and vegged out on the couch. It was nice. We're also dogsitting this weekend, and mom brought Jack over about 6, so after dinner we took him on a long walk. Then we came home and watched our movie from Netflix. (We have a free month trial and got our first movie yesterday. It was nice not having to fight the crowds at the video store only to come home empty-handed because all the good movies were already gone.)

Now our day of leisure is gone and I'm at work. I'll be here until 5 tonight, but then there's still Sunday & Monday. Gotta love holiday weekends. We don't really have big plans for the weekend. Maybe some barbecuing and some sitting down and hammering out some wedding details. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, we did cross another thing off the list yesterday. The girl I called a few weeks ago about doing hair for the bridal party called back yesterday and is available for our date. She's going to come and do our hair on-site, and it's going to cost less than going to the fancy day-spa that I called the other day. Still don't know what to do about make-up, but we'll figure it out. Maybe I should just start practicing. :) We've been having such good luck getting good deals on our wedding stuff. It's just crazy. Of course, it wouldn't happen without all of you passing along your great ideas, tips, and offers to help in every which way. We appreciate it so much and it makes us so happy that everyone wants to be a part of our day.


Carmen said...

Although it stinks that I wasn't able to make it this weekend, I'm glad you had a cozy day at home. Veg days are the best!

Also, as a consolation prize for not getting to come visit you, I'm going to attempt pics in the bridesmaid dress tomorrow! I'll send them your way. Not sure how much of any kind of prize they'll be though! ;)

Did Sarah ever get her dress???

16 weeks?? HOLY COW!

Carmen said...

Oh, and that's great news about the hairdresser! Maybe she'll know someone who does makeup? If not, we could do a trial run at the clinique counter when I come down, take pics then recreate?

Misty said...

Dress pictures would be awesome! :) Please don't disappoint me!

Clinique counter sounds good to me. I think we could do it. Plus, it'll be an excuse to buy new makeup, right?