Sunday, April 15

Look UP!

Do you see that counter up there? The one that says we have 5 months until our Wedding Day...5 months? That means that tomorrow there will be less than 5 months. How did this happen??? Deep breaths, everyone. In about 2 weeks, we'll be at the halfway point and then we can start freaking out...or maybe we can do that now!

We've had this insanely busy weekend (You don't mind if I talk about things not wedding related, do you?). Partially because Doug only really got 1 day off. He had a long weekend for Easter last weekend and he had to make it up this weekend. Yuck! So yesterday we ran around all day long. At least the weather cooperated with us. We started our day by moving furniture to Doug's mom's storage facility. Okay, Doug did most of the moving, but I helped a little bit! Then we came home to get showered and changed because we were going to do a little shopping and then head to Patty & Steve's to look at our wedding site. Shopping was good. Doug wants to get a Wii, and we have the money in our budget right now so we figured, why not? I haven't played yet, but it looks like something I might enjoy also and that's saying alot for me and video games. I'm always up for something we can do together. Since we were on a quest for the Wii, I got to make a few purchases as well. I had a $10 card for Kohl's and I bought a new purse that was already 50% off, so it ended up costing me about $8 and I got a cute "WELCOME" sign for our door. I also got a new cell phone. It was time for our upgrades and Doug had already picked his up earlier this week. Now we both have camera phones! We always seem to be a little late catching on to the trends, but oh well. Sadly, our quest for the Wii was not so successful. We went everywhere yesterday and people pretty much laughed at us for trying to find a Wii on a Saturday afternoon/evening. Pretty much they don't know when they will get them in and told us to check with the stores every day. Knowing Doug, we'll have one by the end of this week. He's relentless. :)

Okay, back to the wedding talk. Our wedding site...oh my gosh, it is going to be so beautiful! My mom took pictures and if it is okay with Patty, I'll upload them so you can all see for yourselves. If the weather permits, we'll have the ceremony on the porch and I LOVE this porch. I cannot imagine a better place for Doug & I to be married. Although, the staircase inside the house is gorgeous as well, and if it rains and we have to move it inside, I won't be complaining. We are so fortunate that Patty & Steve offered us the use of their home for the ceremony. I think it is just going to the perfect location for us.

After we mapped out our ceremony, we went to dinner with my mom & dad. We talked more about the wedding plans and Mom had this brilliant idea to record our ceremony, and then rent a projector so it could be played during the reception. We were probably going to record it anyway, so this works just fine. I think we've already spread the word that our ceremony is going to be kind of small, so not everyone is going to be able to be there with us. As much as we hate the thought of that, we think this will be a nice solution.

And now it is Sunday, and Doug will be leaving for work in a few hours. Not much planned for the day, dinner's taken care of, I put it in the crock pot first thing this morning. I have several loads of laundry ahead of me and a bathroom to clean. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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