Saturday, March 17


Honestly, I don't think Doug or I ever thought planning a wedding would be such a crazy process. You find a place, get a dress, a tuxedo and some rings and there you go. WRONG! It's much more involved than that and I especially am finding that while I do love to plan things, it is alot harder when you have to consider things such as time and budget constraints. That said, we are so fortunate to have our wonderful family & friends to help us along the way. We very much appreciate the recommendations, advice and good wishes you all have to offer. So here's what we have so far:

  • Date (September 15, 2007)
  • Place for ceremony (Doug's aunt & uncle's house)
  • Place for reception
  • DJ for reception
  • Attendants
  • Dress (in progress)
  • Tuxedos (reserved)

Big important things we still need:

  • Officiant (Doug's working on this one)
  • Photographer
  • Decide on food for reception
  • Invitations
  • Bridesmaid & flower girl dresses
  • Flowers
  • Favors

And probably a million other things that I've forgotten. Feel free to remind us!


Aunt Patty said...

Misty, Don't forget if you need any jewelry, the vline will be very happy to make it for you and the wedding party! It's my gift to you and Doug. Don't hesitate to ask--ok? love ya, Aunt Patty

Aunt Patty said...

Sorry, forgot to tell you that Sam's makes some great reception food. That's what was served at my 50th birthday party and it was really good. I can get more info on it if you are interested.
GREAT PICTURE!!! Love, Aunt Patty

Amy said...

You should probably consider a Karaoke Machine for your Uncle Randy, then you can cross entertainment (I use that term loosely) off your list too!

Anonymous said...


Love Mom

Misty said...

Mom, quit posting as annonymous. It makes you look like spam. Select other.

Mom said...

I did every time!!